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Our Qualified Instructors Have

  • Over 4 Billion Views Worldwide

  • 12 Million Followers on Youtube & TikTok

  • Partnerships with over 100+ Companies Worldwide

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Fight Like a Champion with Stipe Miocic

Ever wanted to learn how to fight like a pro?In this course, 6-Time World Fighting Champion Stipe Miocic shows you how to fight like a champion. Learn how to prepare and win like Stipe does.

What makes Stipe qualified?

✔ 6-Time MMA Champion
✔ 1.7 Million Followers on Instagram

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How to Become a Viral Dancer

Have you ever wondered how to become a dancing social media influencer? Nick Kosir “The Dancing Weatherman” has done just that. Nick can show you the moves and skills that you’ll need to become internet famous.

Nick is more than qualified with:

✔ Over 6 million followers on TikTok
✔ 2 million followers on Instagram
✔ Over 109 million likes on TikTok

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How to Blow Up on Social Media

Devin Supertramp teaches you everything you need to know about content creation and how to use it to launch your dreams! Go from anonymous nobody to internet sensation.

What makes Devin qualified?

✔ His videos have over 4 billion views
✔ 6 million+ subscribers on YouTube
✔ Partnered with 100+ brands in 40+ countries

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Why not just learn this on YouTube?

We’re glad you asked. YouTube is great for general knowledge but it can only take you so far. Here’s what we provide that YouTube can’t:

  • Thorough step by step tutorials by top influencers, not random YouTubers.
  • Check off challenges to help you progress.
  • The “secret” tips and tricks of the pros they wouldn’t normally reveal to the public.
  • Safe content so parents are cool with it.
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  • — Alex O

    "This course was the real deal. I honestly didn't expect Devin to reveal that much insider information about working with large brands. Not to mention the clarity and insight surrounding the technical aspects of film making and becoming a successful influencer. 5 out of 5."

  • — Izzy L

    "10/10 recommend Nick Kosir's dancing course! He does an incredible job at breaking down his methods and teaching from his experience. It was so easy to understand. He slowed it way down but still kept it entertaining. The courses were easy to navigate and to go back to review anytime!"

  • — Tyler N

    "I loved this course! I learned so much about making videos and how to get a business started from nothing. And his section on making viral videos was extremely helpful. I used the principles I learned in Devin's course to make a video that ended up going viral on Tiktok."

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