How to Become a Viral Dancer

How to Become a Viral Dancer

Have you ever wondered how to become a dancing social media influencer?

Nick Kosir has done just that. With over 8 million followers and counting, Nick can show you the moves and skills that you'll need to become internet famous.

Don't look like a dork the next time you dance. Get skooled now with The Dancing Weatherman.

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  • This one hour course is about taking the passion and gifts you have inside you – shaping them – and putting them on a stage for the world to see them and be inspired for them to do the same. “Dance Like Everyone’s Watching.”


Finding Your Groove

Nick let's you in on the his secrets to success.

Finding Your Steps

Nick teaches you five of the hottest dance moves he uses to go viral.

Finding Your Passions

Nick walks you through how to find you passions and grow your audience with them.


Nick gives you a clear review of the course so that you can be catapulted to success.

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Course Outcomes

By taking this course you will...

  • Receive clear instructions on five viral dance moves
  • Learn Nick's secrets about becoming successful
  • Develop a mindset of confidence

How It Works

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