How to Blow Up on Social Media

How to Blow Up on Social Media

Take your internet fame to the next level with Devin Super Tramp’s “How to Blow Up on Social Media”—the course that teaches you everything you need to know about content creation and how to use it to launch your dreams! Go from anonymous nobody to internet sensation in no time with guidance from the master himself!
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  • In this one hour course, Devin Supertramp shares how he grew his video production business into an empire with over 6 million followers and over 4 billion views. He'll walk you through the perfect equipment for the job, how to grow your brand and online presence, and what to think about as you pursue branding deals with other corporations. So grab whatever camera you've got and let's dive in.


Module 1: Getting Started

Devin lays out how to get started, using what you have, and making it into something great. From cameras to filming to editing - just get started!

Module 2: Growing Your Platform

Growing an audience takes time. Devin shares how he found his voice and persisted doing what he loved to gain the attention and provide value to his growing audience -- stick with it!

Module 3: Landing Sponsorships

Devin shares his inside tips on how he built his brand big enough to attract large sponsorship deals. In this chapter he discusses what to consdier, how to negotiate, and how sponsorships may affect your brand.


Course Outcomes

By taking this course you will...

  • Find out what gear you need to get started filming now.
  • Learn how to upgrade your gear to make your films look even more professional.
  • Learn tips on how to establishg a personal brand and grow your platfrom to a bigger audience.
  • Gain strategies on how to attract, negotiate, and land big sponsorship deals.

How It Works

After you purchase the course, you will be sent an email to log in to your HomeSkool account. Once you've logged in... Class is in session!

Course Length

This course is broken up into short, digestable segments. The entire course spans about one hour.


HomeSkool is not responsible for any excessive success you may obtain from taking this course.